Poland considering buying Israeli natural gas
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                  Poland considering buying Israeli natural gas

                  Poland considering buying Israeli natural gas

                  30.04.2019, Israel and the World

                  Poland may soon sign huge agreements to buy gas from Israel. Poland's national gas company PGNiG has announced that it is considering signing a gas purchase agreement with Israel in order to reduce gas purchases from Russia as much as possible.

                  PGNiG CEO Piotr Wozniak announced that Poland's national gas company is currently considering the possibility of cooperation with Israel.

                  "We are working to be the company at the crossroads of the North-South and the East-West, we need something in southern Poland and we have to rely on something reliable, so we are looking at all those places that can supply gas to southern Poland very carefully and we are interested in gas from Israel," Wozniak said.

                  Poland has been dependent on Russian gas for decades, and has signed agreements with Russian gas giant Gazprom, which are supposed to supply gas to Poland through 2022. However, in recent years, as a result of the tension between Poland and Russia and the unilateral increase in gas prices by Gazprom, Poland began to look into other options around the world in order to minimize dependence on Russian gas as much as possible.

                  In recent years, it has signed a number of huge agreements for the purchase of gas from other countries through the Baltic Sea gas terminal in northern Poland, including with the United States, Qatar and Norway, and the fact that Israel has discovered huge gas reserves now makes Israel an attractive alternative for Poland to Russian gas.

                  Arutz Sheva