Is Bibi Ukraine’s friend?
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                  Is Bibi Ukraine’s friend?

                  Is Bibi Ukraine’s friend?

                  15.08.2019, Israel and the World

                  The meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Ukraine’s President Volodimir Zelensky is drawing some unhealthy interest. Both men are Jewish and it’s an old anti-Semitic stereotype that all Jews are involved in some kind of conspiracy. So perhaps those two will wink at each other and do some kind of a deal, Jew to Jew, that will somehow be good for Ukraine.

                  Whether or not the existence of that secret bond among Jews was ever even remotely true, it is certainly not the case today. Certainly not between Ukraine and Israel. Netanyahu is an Israeli and Zelensky is a diaspora Jew. Israel is dear to many diaspora Jews, but Zelensky is, above all, a Ukrainian.

                  Israel came into being as a creation of Ashkenazi Jews—many of whom were in fact Ukrainian Jews. Four of the first five Israeli prime ministers, including Golda Meir, were born in Ukraine.

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