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 The Republic of Azerbaijan is the legal successor of the Azerbaijan SSR. It has an area is 86 600 km2 and a population of 8,922 million. The Constitution of Azerbaijan was adopted by the referendum of November 12, 1995. The head of the state is a  president elected for five years by direct national elections. Legislative power is concentrated in the Milli Majlis, which consists of 125 deputies also elected in general elections.

The President of the republic is currently Ilham Aliyev, the son of Heydar Aliyev, the former First Secretary of the Central Comimttee (1069-1982) and President of Azerbaijan (1993-2003).

In Azerbaijan, religion is seprate from the state. Every faith is equal before law. The state system of education is secular. The official language of the Republic of Azerbaijan is the Azerbaijain language. According to the latest census, Azerbajian's citizens include representatives of 140 peoples, 22 of which have  compact places of resident in different regions of the country.